How STILLA Embraced Sustainability with an Alternative to Traditional Floral Foam

How STILLA Embraced Sustainability with an Alternative to Traditional Floral Foam

At STILLA, we are strongly dedicated to making our products and practices more sustainable. Because of that, we have taken a bold step towards sustainability by bidding farewell to Oasis floral foam and embracing Agra Wool in our exquisite flower arrangements. We understand the environmental impact of non-biodegradable floral foam and have chosen Agra Wool as a more eco-friendly alternative. Join us in as we delve into the reasons behind our decision, explore the risks associated with floral foam, and discover how STILLA offers a greener option for stunning floral arrangements.

Why We Chose to Ditch Oasis Floral Foam

At STILLA, we are committed to preserving our planet. Oasis floral foam, made of non-biodegradable plastic, poses a significant threat to the environment as it can take centuries to decompose. The foam's principal component, polyurethane, is non-biodegradable. It breaks down into microplastics that are harmful to ocean life and the environment. These microplastics get into the water supply, landfills, and ultimately end up back in the ocean, damaging marine life.

Furthermore, the production of polyurethane, a petroleum derivative, has significant carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. The process releases not only greenhouse gases but toxic chemicals that contribute to air pollution, affecting the health of those who live nearby.

Why We Chose Agra Wool

Agra Wool sugar cane foam is an eco-friendly alternative to OASIS floral foam. The product is made from natural biodegradable materials, sugar and cellulose, and does not contain any hazardous substances, making it more sustainable than traditional floral foam.

Unlike OASIS floral foam, Agra Wool naturally decomposes within a year. It can be disposed of in compost or regular waste streams, reducing the reliance on landfills and posing no threat to marine life or other ecosystems.

Additionally, sugarcane production requires a lot less water than other crops, which reduces water usage and conserves the natural resource, making it more sustainable overall.

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STILLA's transition to Agra Wool represents a remarkable stride towards sustainability. Agra Wool enables us to make a positive difference, no matter how small. Sustainability will always remain at the forefront of our business, and is one of the main drivers of our practices. Do you want to know what other sustainable practices STILLA brings to luxury floristry? Keep in touch and sign our newsletter!

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