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Coaster Countdown

Brought to you by STILLA, a global provider of real, bio-preserved flowers and plants that last a year.

Are you looking for a fun and easy game to play with friends? Coaster Countdown is the answer! This fast-paced guessing game is perfect for groups of any size and is filled with fun and challenging words - many of which pay homage to the yachting industry. 

Follow these simple rules for a night of fast-paced guessing fun

It's that simple! Find your words at the back of your coaster! Coaster Countdown is a game that's easy to pick up but hard to put down. Whether you're looking to break the ice with new friends or add some excitement to your next get-together.


Gather your friends and your coasters


Choose a player to be the Coaster Master.


The coaster carrier selects a coaster then gives clues for each word, until the first person to guess spells it out.  

The words are written on the back of the coaster, so keep it hidden!


The other players have 30 seconds to guess as many words as they can based on the clues given.


The coaster carrier can only say "yes" or "no" to indicate whether each guess is correct or incorrect.


Once the 30 seconds are up, the coaster holder moves on to the next coaster and the process is repeated.


The game continues until all the coasters have been used or until a predetermined number of rounds have been played.


The player with the most correct guesses at the end of the game is the winner.

Loser buys a round of drinks!