How to Enhance the Yachting experience with STILLA: Real Flowers That Last a Year

How to Enhance the Yachting experience with STILLA: Real Flowers That Last a Year

How to enhance the overall Yachting experience with STILLA: Real flowers that last a year

The yachting industry is no stranger to sophistication and elegance, and STILLA's luxury bio-preserved custom flower arrangements bring just that. 

STILLA is a pioneer in the industry, offering sustainable, cost-effective, and long-lasting flower arrangements that do not require any maintenance. 

Our preserved flowers last for an entire year and enhance the overall yachting experience, making it even more luxurious and enjoyable through stunning floral consistency and reliability. STILLA's preserved flowers positively impact yachting, making it an unforgettable event for all guests onboard.

Enhancing the Yacht experience,

Our luxury bio-preserved custom flower arrangements we offer are not only gorgeous but also sustainable. Every flower and foliage that goes into our arrangements is real and lasts for a year. This means that we do not contribute to the waste or pollution caused by weekly deliveries of fresh flowers that end up wilting after only a few days. 

The environmentally conscious aspect of our preserved flowers is a crucial part of STILLA's brand identity. Our flowers serve as a great alternative to fresh flowers for yacht owners who are passionate about environmental sustainability with no compromise to aesthetics. 

Our flower arrangements require zero maintenance, which optimizes crew time by eliminating countless hours of watering, trimming, pruning, finding areas with the right sunlight, and finding DIY ways to make the flowers last longer.

Due to the absence of maintenance needed for our flower arrangements, crews can utilize their additional time to focus on guest experience and undisturbed service. This, in turn, ensures that every moment onboard offers a memorable experience.

The long life of our preserved flowers is another advantage. Yacht owners can rest assured that their flowers will not wilt during important events and can be enjoyed throughout their stay. Our flowers' long-lasting nature provides peace of mind to owners, knowing that their investment in flowers is worth it. 

Furthermore, because our flowers are real, they create a genuine ambiance onboard, offering an unbeatable sense of sophistication and elegance.

At STILLA, we also offer loose flowers and foliage, allowing the crew to switch bouquets styles easily, creating a different experience depending on the mood or event of the day. Our arrangements do not have to be limited to the main salon, as they can be placed in other areas of the yacht to create a seamless experience.

To further optimize the bespoke onboard experience, we personalize flower boxes with the yacht's branding and guests' names, making the onboard experience that much more exceptional. 

We also work with the crew to ensure that the set-up and install of each arrangement are done with precision, attention to detail, and up to the yacht owner's standards.

Last but not least

Altogether, STILLA's luxury bio-preserved custom flower arrangements enhance the overall yachting experience.

As a pioneer of sustainable, cost-effective, and long-lasting flower arrangements, we provide a luxurious and sophisticated addition to the ambiance onboard. 

The zero-maintenance aspect ensures that crews can focus on providing the best service and experience to guests, while our long-lasting flowers stimulate peace of mind for yacht owners. 

Our loose flowers and foliage allow for flexibility and easy switching up of bouquets, while our personalized flower boxes add a memorable touch. 

STILLA is proud to bring a new level of sophistication to the yachting industry, and we invite you to elevate your yachting experience with us.

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