Ocean Independence Embraces Sustainability with STILLA Flowers

Ocean Independence Embraces Sustainability with STILLA Flowers

Ocean Independence Advocates for Eco-Conscious Luxury

Ocean Independence, a leading figure in the yachting industry, has recently showcased STILLA Flowers in an article, highlighting their pioneering approach in sustainable yacht floristry.

Recognizing the shift towards environmentally responsible practices, OI applauds STILLA's innovative bio-preserved flower arrangements that offer year-long freshness without the environmental burden of traditional floristry​.


STILLA's Aligning Vision with Ocean Independence

Ocean Independence's article emphasizes the alignment between STILLA's sustainable ethos and their own commitment to eco-conscious luxury. Loreta Cazacu, STILLA's CEO, explains the meticulous process behind crafting bespoke floral arrangements that resonate with the unique style of each yacht and its owner, perfectly matching OI's vision of personalized luxury.

Eco-Friendly Practices: A Core Principle of STILLA

The article also sheds light on STILLA's deep-seated commitment to sustainability, using plant-based, biodegradable materials for preserving flowers.

This approach is in stark contrast to the harmful pesticides and microplastics used in traditional floristry, resonating with Ocean Independence's drive towards sustainable practices in the luxury yachting sector​.

Benefits of Preserved Flowers

Ocean Independence appreciates the benefits of STILLA's long-lasting arrangements. These require no regular maintenance, easing the workload of yacht crews and managers, which aligns with their focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness in yacht operations​.

A Step Towards Sustainable Luxury Yachting

Through this collaboration, Ocean Independence showcases their support for innovative, sustainable solutions in the luxury yachting industry, highlighting STILLA Flowers as a beacon of eco-friendly luxury. This partnership marks a significant step towards a greener future in luxury yachting, echoing Ocean Independece's commitment to sustainability​.

Discover the sustainable elegance and innovation STILLA Flowers brings to the world of luxury yachting, as celebrated by Ocean Independence.

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