Preserved Flowers for Yachting: How STILLA facilitates yacht crew life onboard

Preserved Flowers for Yachting: How STILLA facilitates yacht crew life onboard

What are Eternal Flowers ? 

With the use of the latest technology and techniques when it comes to bio-preservation, real flowers are able to last a year while requiring no maintenance. 

This leads to a more cost effective and sustainable alternative to fresh-cut flowers.

All this while retaining the natural and vibrant properties that are needed in order to convey the sophistication and luxury we all know and love.

Yachting specialized 

Having a motivated, bubbly and energized crew is often the key when it comes to providing the perfect, undisrupted yachting experience for all guests that step onboard.

Thanks to our Eternal flowers’ ability to stay fresh and vibrant without any sunlight, trimming or even watering, we are able to provide a time optimizing alternative to fresh-cut flowers for yacht crew looking to allocate their energy onboard more efficiently.

This means we are able to dispose of the precious hours crew spend on trimming off wilted flowers, watering parched bouquets and removing damaged floral elements from brand new fresh-cut arrangements. 

This sustainable alternative can also be an effective solution for maximizing decorational organization by enabling crew to acquire the floral decor of choice in advance, instead of rushing around last minute to procure fresh-cut flower arrangements that need to be as new and vibrant as possible for guest arrival. 

The long living aspect of our Eternal flowers also allows a consistent and reliable alternative to fresh flowers, as owners never need to worry about their flowers  during important events onboard.

On top of all of this, we always try to help crew provide a bespoke experience onboard for all guests, whether you would like personalized vases with the yacht branding or guest names, or even some loose flowers to have the ability to switch up your decor at all times. STILLA is here to ensure that your needs meet your vision every time.

How it works

We make this opportunity available for anyone looking to make their time onboard more luxurious and extensive.

Although you are always able to choose from our variety of premium collections, what makes STILLA unique is its unmatched personalization.

From enquiring on our website, we always initialize first contact and set up an online meeting to finalize all the details, and when possible we visit the yacht, tour the interior and generally get a feel for what results are trying to be achieved.

After this, we stay in close contact with the interior manager or owner to ensure the final result always matches the vision of our clients.

We source the perfect vase for the arrangement from local artisans or the yacht can provide their vase of choice.

When everything is completed, thanks to our head office in Antibes, south of France, we are able to hand deliver the arrangement anywhere around Monaco, The Italian Riviera or even Barcelona to ensure that it arrives on time and in perfect condition. Thanks to our convenient location, for yachts that are based further afield, such as the United States, Eastern Med or remote locations such as Corsica and Sardinia, we always deliver using our trusted logistics partner. 

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