STILLA Blooming at MYBA Charter Show 2024

STILLA Blooming at MYBA Charter Show 2024

This year’s MYBA Charter Show was truly special for us at STILLA. Amidst more than 60 other exhibitors, we showcased our commitment to elegance, lasting luxury, and sustainability with an impactful presence.

It was the first time STILLA participated in the MYBA Charter Show as an exhibitor, engaging with industry leaders and setting a new standard in luxury floral arrangements. What a way to kick off the season!

Let us share our favorite highlights of the Show with you.

The impressive participation of STILLA


An Impactful Identity

Our beautiful #AlwaysBlooming stand made quite an impression on the audience during the show. STILLA’s expertise brought the beauty of bio-preserved flowers to the Show and proved that sustainability can interconnect with luxury.

From our creations to our uniforms, STILLA caught the attention of industry leaders, professionals, crew members, and partners. With exquisite arrangements and pink identity, we showed Genoa the sophistication we offer to the industry.

Flourishing Partnerships

It was fantastic to see six esteemed clients of ours exhibiting in MYBA and showcasing our flowers on display. Nurturing more and more partnerships, our team was ready to demonstrate our commitment to lasting luxury crafted in bio-preserved flower arrangements.

A moment for Roses and Rosé

One of our favorite moments during the show was the exclusive “Roses and Rosé” event. In collaboration with GWS (Global Wine Solutions), we offered a blend of the beauty of eternal roses paired with the refined taste of the MAIA rosé wine.

Looking Ahead

Our debut at the MYBA Charter Show 2024 has set a new benchmark for STILLA Flowers in the world of luxury yachting. The connections we've made, paired with the positive reception to our products, have further solidified our passion for bringing sustainable beauty to the market.

We are excited to explore new opportunities and continue making a positive impact through our floral artistry.

The buzz of MYBA

With 40 years of history, MYBA, the Worldwide Yachting Association, is a globally recognized professional trader at the forefront of the luxury yachting industry. The MYBA Charter Show, in turn, emerges as an exclusive event that not only showcases the world’s most exquisite superyachts but also serves as a pivotal networking hub for industry leaders.

During four hectic days, the MYBA Charter Show 2024 happened in Genoa, Italy. With 58 impressive yachts participating, alongside 69 exhibitors and 1030 attendees, the show was a success. And, of course, STILLA was thrilled to participate in this event.

We want to extend our heartfelt thank you to everyone especially our clients, partners, and friends who honored us during this brilliant Show.

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