How to use foliage to create style? - The Floral Edit

How to use foliage to create style? - The Floral Edit

Have you ever asked yourself what creates style in a floral arrangement? Among many things that guide our perception, one of the main ones is simpler than you imagine: the use of foliage!

Foliage isn't just a filler; it's a crucial element that can dramatically influence the overall aesthetic and mood of a floral arrangement.

Foliage as a Style Definer

The way foliage is used or the amount of it present in an arrangement is one of the most determinant factors for the styling of the vase. Even if you have the same combination of flowers in an arrangement, the foliage will make a total difference, as you can see in the pictures.


When there is moderate to abundant use of foliage, the arrangement has more movement. In this sense, the eye first distinguishes the form and identifies a more dramatic style. This is perfect for weddings and events that need movement and emotion.

The lush, verdant backdrop of abundant foliage adds depth and layers, creating a dynamic and lively composition. Think of cascading eucalyptus or trailing ivy – these elements bring a sense of romance and wild beauty that can transform any space into an enchanting garden.

However, when there is little to no use of foliage, the eye will distinguish the flowers more easily. Here, the style, although appears simple and sleek will communicate wealth and abundance, since there is a bigger quantity of flowers. This style is often used in luxury and classic vases.

The minimalist approach to foliage allows the blooms to take center stage, showcasing their full beauty and opulence. Imagine a bouquet of pure white roses or vibrant peonies, with just a touch of greenery to highlight their grandeur – this style speaks of elegance and refinement.

Foliage and Texture

Beyond the amount of foliage, the type and texture of the foliage used can also define the style of the arrangement. Soft, delicate foliage like ferns or dusty miller can create a whimsical, ethereal feel, perfect for vintage or boho-chic themes. On the other hand, bold, structured foliage such as monstera leaves or palms can lend a modern, tropical vibe, ideal for contemporary settings.

Creating Balance and Harmony

The balance between foliage and flowers is crucial for achieving the desired look. Too much foliage can overwhelm the flowers, while too little can make the arrangement feel sparse and incomplete. The key is to find harmony – allowing the foliage to complement and enhance the flowers, rather than compete with them.

But if you are still not sure of the style you want to communicate with your floral decorations, you don’t have to worry.

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