STILLA's flower dress at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

STILLA's Statement: The Flower Dress Takes Over The Monaco Yacht Show

In a world where fashion often oscillates between trend recycling and technological innovations, there comes an occasional pause—a creation so refreshingly new that it commands unanimous attention.

The recent Monaco Yacht Show was one such occasion. Amidst gleaming yachts and the azure Mediterranean, there emerged a creation from STILLA that no one expected but everyone admired: The Eternal Flower Dress.

Nature Meets Couture

Designed and brought to life by STILLA's head florist, Rose Mermoud, the Flower Dress wasn’t just a piece of fashion; it was a work of art. But what set it apart from other floral designs was its ingenious use of bio-preserved flowers. These are real flowers that have been treated to last an entire year without losing their vibrancy and freshness. It's not only a marvel in design but also a step forward in sustainable fashion. Imagine a dress made of flowers that doesn’t wilt in a day, but lasts, can be worn again, and looks fresh for an entire year!

Every petal, every leaf was chosen with purpose and intention. Rose, embodying her creation, wore the dress herself, looking nothing short of a fairy tale come to life.

Constructed over a span of three intense days, the dress is a symphony of some of the most beloved flowers. The canvas of the attire played host to lush foliage, delicate hydrangeas, romantic roses, opulent dahlias, and vivacious ranunculus. But what truly stole the show was the colour palette. A juxtaposition of shades brought the ensemble to life—vibrant purples and pinks adorned the front, exuding passion and energy, while the reverse was a calming cascade of whites and greens, symbolizing peace and growth.

STILLA's flower dress - back view

A Year-Long Marvel

The real marvel, however, was its longevity. Unlike traditional floral dresses that use fresh flowers with a short lifespan, the Flower Dress's bio-preserved flowers ensure that it can be worn time and time again over the year, without losing its fresh, blooming appeal. This is sustainability in fashion at its best—minimizing waste and maximizing use.

What made the Flower Dress standout wasn’t just its beauty, but its message. In an era increasingly distanced from nature, the dress reminds us of the delicate, ephemeral beauty of flora. It invites conversations about sustainability, about the fusion of nature with design, and the incredible possibilities that lie therein.

Its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show didn't just turn heads—it sparked conversations. Fashion enthusiasts and environmentalists celebrated STILLA's bold step, heralding the Flower Dress as a promising direction for the industry. Attendees were captivated, and the buzz around STILLA's masterful creation echoed far and wide. Conversations were rife with admiration, with many terming it as a revolutionary intersection of floristry and fashion.

A Grand Launch at the IYC Lounge

The prestigious Lounge by IYC, known for its luxurious setting, became the platform for STILLA's innovative creation. This strategic partnership ensured that the Flower Dress was not just presented, but celebrated in all its glory. With the Mediterranean as its backdrop, the dress was a sight to behold.


STILLA's Flower dress at IYC Lounge

Spotlight from the Media

Its sustainable allure and breathtaking design swiftly garnered the attention of prominent media publications. Esteemed names such as Yachting Pages and Superyacht Content spotlighted STILLA's groundbreaking creation. The buzz didn’t end at the IYC Lounge. Private viewings onboard the crème de la crème of yachts further amplified the dress’s impact, making it a conversation piece among Monaco's elite.

STILLA's flower dress in front of Motor Yacht Mosaique

A Blooming Trend

The best part? The Flower Dress is not a solitary marvel. It heralds the beginning of a new collection by STILLA, where clients can commission their very own custom-made floral dresses for events. Imagine walking into a gala, a wedding, or even a garden party, draped in nature's own couture. With STILLA's innovative approach, that dream is now a tantalizing reality.

STILLA's Flower Dress is not just a testament to the team’s unparalleled talent and vision but a beacon for what the future of sustainable, nature-inspired fashion can be. It challenges conventions, celebrates nature, and leaves an indelible mark on the beholder. 


STILLA's Flower dress in front of Motor Yacht Ace
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