STILLA Announces Partnership With IYC

STILLA Announces Partnership With IYC

STILLA is thrilled to announce its new partnership with IYC, providing their fleet with exclusive access and preferential rates to our luxury, bio-preserved flower arrangements.

Who is IYC?

IYC is an international yachting company, and one of the largest worldwide, with over 130 passionate professionals based in 15 strategically located offices around the globe, committed to employing the best professionals in the industry and investing in the development of proprietary software solutions, to deliver their clients unrivaled service of the highest industry standard. 

Their services include yacht sales and purchase, chartering,  yacht managementcharter managementyacht agency servicescrew management, insurance & claims management, and new build consultation.

Blue preserved flower arrangements for IYC yacht

Paths to a Greener Future

IYC shares the same commitment as STILLA to uphold its responsibility as an environmentally conscious company and actively promote best practices across yachts in its fleet and raise awareness throughout its network. By offering bio-preserved flowers, IYC and STILLA are, together, actively driving positive change and taking steps toward creating a sustainable future in the yachting industry.

The production of fresh flowers often involves harmful practices like pesticide use, excessive resources, and energy-intensive preservation. In contrast, bio-preserved flowers require minimal pesticides, adhere to natural growth cycles, and undergo an all-natural preservation process, resulting in a 100% biodegradable product. Unlike fresh flowers, they reduce waste and avoid emissions from long transportation.

White preserved flower arrangement for IYC yacht

Raphael Sauleau, CEO of IYC, commented: “We are delighted to partner with STILLA who share our same vision and values when it comes to creating beautiful experiences with sustainability in mind. Together, we are giving yachts in our fleet the key to greener operations. STILLA’s exquisite blooms will not only grace our yachts with a touch of elegance and natural beauty, but embody sustainability in every petal. We look forward to seeing their arrangements on board but also in homes and offices.”

Loreta Cazacu, Co-Founder of STILLA, commented: “Our partnership with IYC is a testament to the convergence of luxury and responsibility. By introducing sustainable bio-preserved flowers to IYC's prestigious yacht fleet, we at STILLA are not just providing a touch of timeless beauty but also expressing a deep-seated commitment to the environment. We're beyond thrilled to align with an industry leader like IYC, and together, we hope to set a precedent. It's not just about elevating aesthetic experiences on these vessels, but also about reimagining what yachting can mean in a world that increasingly demands sustainable choices. As we embark on this journey, we're reminded that true luxury is the ability to enjoy the world's treasures today while ensuring they're here for generations to come."

Exclusive offer

To cherish this partnership, all yachts in the IYC fleet benefit from a 10% discount on all orders with STILLA.

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