STILLA is now blooming from our new studio space located at 10 Avenue de la Liberation, Antibes.

More than a Florist, STILLA

Our Story

Loreta and Karolina, founders of STILLA, identified a need in the yachting industry for a longer-lasting flower solution. Their years of experience in the industry gave them insight into the challenges that yacht crew members faced in maintaining fresh flowers onboard in challenging conditions, and the waste that came alongisde this.

STILLA was born to address this need for long-lasting, sustainable flower bouquets. What started as a solution for the yachting industry has now expanded to cater to the entire private hospitality industry and beyond.

Commitement to sustainability

Eternal flowers are the ultimate in sustainability, producing minimal carbon emissions without needing water or light. These long-lasting blooms have a low carbon footprint and require limited energy during production and maintenance, making them a sustainable choice to bring beauty into any space.

Our commitment to sustainability extends across all aspects of floral arranging, from the most delicate vases and blooms sourced ethically, right through to our packing materials which are designed with environmental protection in mind.

We strive to constantly innovate in the floral world, all while staying true to our dedication to sustainability.

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Yachting Specialised

STILLA brings an element of style to luxury yachts with our top-of-the line bio-preserved floral arrangements. Blending gorgeous aesthetics with eco sustainability, we provide the ultimate accessory for any vessel that puts a premium on beauty and environmental consciousness.

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