Sustainable Flowers | STILLA's Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability extends across all aspects of floral arranging, from the most delicate vases and blooms sourced ethically, right through to our packing materials which are designed with environmental protection in mind.

Incorporating bio-preserved flowers and plants into a decor scheme is sustainable, eco-friendly and wise. Not only do they have an incredibly long lifespan but their carbon footprint is much lower than artificial or freshly cut flowers, making them the perfect choice for those who want to live more sustainably.

The Impact of Fresh Flowers.

The beauty of fresh flowers comes with a hidden cost to the environment, a fact that often goes unnoticed.

Think about the journey these flowers take: they travel long distances, often across countries, to reach us. This isn't just about the miles they cover, but also about the energy used to keep them cool and fresh during their trip. And it's not a one-time thing – this happens week after week, as fresh batches arrive to replace the old.

This constant cycle means more vehicles on the road, more fuel burned, and more pollution.

Then there's the issue of what happens when these flowers start to wilt. They become waste, often ending up in the bin within a week. And it's not just the flowers – think about the materials used to keep them in place, like floral foam. This foam might help create stunning arrangements, but it's made from plastics that don't break down, turning into tiny particles that harm our soil and water.

These are the unseen costs of enjoying fresh flowers, and they add up, affecting our planet. It's important for us, as lovers of flowers and nature, to be aware of these impacts and look for more sustainable ways to enjoy their beauty.

The Preserved Way Forward

Preserved flowers offer a splendid and sustainable alternative to fresh flowers, addressing the environmental concerns associated with the latter.

The magic of preserved flowers lies in their longevity. Unlike fresh blooms that need replacing every week, our preserved flowers maintain their stunning beauty for up to a year.

This means reduces the amount of deliveries from once a week to once a year. That means, 98% less deliveries. And, consequently, 98% less CO2 emissions related to transportation only. Besides that, preserved flowers do not need refrigeration.

By choosing preserved flowers, you're not just bringing enduring, luxurious elegance into your space; you're also helping your planet. STILLA represents more than just a luxurious aesthetic; a conscious choice for the environment.