STILLA is now blooming from our new studio space located at 10 Avenue de la Liberation, Antibes.

Swapping from fresh flowers to eternal flowers is a smart move for yacht owners who want to save time, money, and reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the beauty and elegance of flowers on their yacht.

— Loreta Cazacu, Co-Founder

Why Choose Our Luxury Floral Arrangements

Long-Lasting & Economical

Thanks to the preservation process they undergo, eternal flowers will take the yacht through 2 seasons without compromise to their aesthetic.
They are a fantastic solution for charter yachts that often get last minute bookings, meaning no more sourcing florists in remote or unknown regions – flower quality is guaranteed with STILLA.

Our preserved arrangements have excellent value thanks to their long-life span, resulting in a 60% reduction of yearly interior decoration budgets, as Pursers/Chief stews only require one order per year.

Maintenance Free Flowers

No water, sunlight or maintenance are required for the flowers to stay alive for 365+ days.
Allowing crew to focus on guest experience and charter preparation.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Thanks to the eternal flowers' long-life span and low energy transport & storage requirements, production and transportation are reduced. This results in significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions & less waste. (when compared to weekly fresh flower deliveries).

Unlike traditional florists, TRE has adhered to a unique 100% biodegradable floral
foam made of basalt and cane sugar. This allows the company to reduce pollution regular florist foam creates - which contains the equivalent of 10 plastic bags and due to its single-use purpose, it is discarded along with wilted flowers.