Caribbean Flowers: The Ultimate Guide for Luxury Yachts

Caribbean Flowers: The Ultimate Guide for Luxury Yachts

Caribbean Flowers: The Ultimate Guide for Luxury Yachts

The Caribbean, with its azure waters and sun-kissed beaches, is a haven for luxury yachts. As the yachting season in the Caribbean starts, chief stewardesses are gearing up to ensure every detail is perfect. The often-overlooked detail? Flowers.

Luxury preserved Caribbean flowers, yellow, golden and orange glowers with lush greenery, set on a beautiful yacht.

The Challenge of the Caribbean Climate

For those who've experienced the Caribbean's tropical charm, you'll know that its beauty comes with unique challenges. The heat, while perfect for sunbathing on the deck, is not so kind to fresh flowers. Traditional floral arrangements, no matter how exquisite, often find themselves wilting under the Caribbean sun, leaving interiors looking less than perfect.

STILLA's Solution: Bio-Preserved Caribbean Flowers

This is where STILLA steps in, changing the way luxury yachts adorn their interiors. We specially design our luxury flower arrangements to not just survive, but thrive in the Caribbean climate. These flowers last for a year, ensuring that the interiors of luxury yachts remain vibrant and elegant throughout the season.

Choosing STILLA means choosing sustainable luxury. It means ensuring that the ambiance aboard is always perfect, without the need to constantly replace wilted flowers.

Luxurious golden, white and yellow arrangement, on the beautiful yacht Renewal 3.

Bespoke Tropical Elegance Tailored for Yachts

At STILLA, we understand the importance of details. We craft each one of our luxury flower arrangements to accentuate the beauty of your yacht's interior.

Each arrangement is custom-made, blending your yacht's interior, our flower bouquets, and the ambiance of the Caribbean surroundings.

Learn more about the process of getting your own custom-made luxury flower arrangement.

Why Choose STILLA Before Setting Sail

Based in Antibes, STILLA is the perfectly positioned luxury florist to cater to yachts across the Mediterranean. With just a few days' notice, our team can deliver our long-lasting flower arrangements anywhere in the region. 

So, before setting sail across the Atlantic, adorn your yacht's interior with the best preserved flowers. With STILLA, you won't have to worry about searching the Caribbean islands for a new florist every few days.

Economical Elegance with STILLA's Preserved Flowers

Fresh flowers, while beautiful, wilt quickly in the Caribbean's heat, leading to frequent replacements and mounting costs. 

STILLA's bio-preserved flowers, with a lifespan of up to one year, offer both beauty and savings.
Instead of regular purchases throughout the season, a one-time investment in STILLA ensures vibrant interiors year-round.
It's not just about luxury; it's smart spending. Choose STILLA and embrace both elegance and economy.

Already on the Way?

Do not worry, you can get your hands on our preserved flower arrangements from the Caribbean. Our international partners make sure to get your arrangement to you in perfect conditions. STILLA is always present for luxury flower deliveries.

Ready to Elevate Your Yacht's Interior?

For those looking to infuse their yachts with sustainable elegance, STILLA is here to assist every step of the way. To place an order or for any inquiries, please contact our dedicated team. We're committed to ensuring that your journey through the Caribbean is nothing short of perfection.