Chief Stewardesses guide to Capri

Chief Stewardesses guide to Capri

Ports and Petals: Capri, The yachting guide to leaving an impression on your guests

As luxury yachts gracefully dock at the serene harbors of Capri, an air of sophistication and splendor permeates the surroundings. Still, the world of luxury isn’t solely defined by the fleeting moments of glamor. 

It’s about everlasting experiences, just like the timeless elegance offered by STILLA's bio-preserved flower arrangements.

STILLA stands as a beacon of innovation in the luxury hospitality and yachting world. We are pioneers, introducing a sustainable and chic alternative to fresh cut flowers. With preserved flowers that require no maintenance, yacht crew can enhance the ambiance on board with cost-effective, lasting opulence.

As we sail into the pristine waters of Capri, let's explore the ways to make a remarkable impression on guests with the finest experiences this island jewel offers.

Fine Dining & Local Delights

IL RICCIO RESTAURANT & BEACH CLUB, Anacapri - Restaurant Avis, Photos &  Réservations - Tripadvisor

Il Riccio

Ristorante Aurora: Dating back to 1917, Aurora Capri serves elegance on every plate. From their renowned pizzas to traditional Italian dishes, it’s an epitome of luxurious dining.

Il Riccio - Beach Club & Restaurant: Situated near the mesmerizing Blue Grotto, Il Riccio is more than just a Michelin-starred restaurant. With panoramic sea views, it’s a dining rendezvous that leaves an indelible mark on your senses.

La Capannina & Capannina Più Gourmet: From the roots of tradition planted in 1931, La Capannina extends its culinary legacy with Capannina Più Gourmet, offering a modern, playful twist to the flavors of Capri.

Da Paolino Lemon Trees: Dining under a canopy of lemon trees, Da Paolino offers a uniquely romantic setting. Its traditional Caprese dishes tantalize the taste buds, echoing the island's vibrant essence.

Majestic Experiences & Activities

Blue Grotto Capri Italy - Grotta Azzurra

Blue Grotto

JK Place: Nestled on this picturesque island, JK Place Capri encapsulates luxury with its impeccable design and unmatched services. A serene escapade awaits with their spa, pool, and exclusive beach club.

Blue Grotto Tours: Dive into Capri’s magic with the luminous allure of the Blue Grotto. Its brilliant blue waters offer an experience, both playful and mystical, that remains unmatched.

The Chairlift Monte Solaro: Ascend to the heavens on the chair lift to Monte Solaro, Capri’s highest vantage point. Gaze upon the vast Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius, and the distant allure of the Amalfi Coast.

Via Camerelle shopping: Indulge in the luxury of retail therapy. Wander along Via Camerelle and discover a realm of top fashion brands, artisanal perfumes, and the sweet allure of local Limoncello.

Last but not least.

Capri stands as an emblem of luxury and timeless beauty in the heart of the Mediterranean.

From its world-class dining establishments to enchanting natural wonders and chic shopping avenues, the island promises experiences that echo sophistication.

As yacht crews strive to create an unparalleled ambiance for guests, integrating STILLA’s sustainable and everlastingly beautiful preserved flower arrangements can be the cherry on top. 

Just as Capri leaves an indelible mark on every visitor's heart, STILLA’s blooms offer a touch of perennial elegance that resonates with the island’s eternal charm. 

Join us in celebrating the fusion of luxury and sustainability, and set your course for unforgettable experiences.