How STILLA is Revolutionizing Yachting with Eternal Preserved Flowers | STILLA - STILLA

How STILLA is Revolutionizing Yachting with Eternal Preserved Flowers | STILLA

Welcome aboard the future of luxury yachting! 


STILLA is proud to offer the highest quality of bio-preserved flowers to the yachting industry.

Our eco-friendly bouquets are designed with beauty and sustainability in mind, making them the perfect accessory for any vessel. Let’s take a closer look at why STILLA's luxury bouquets are revolutionizing yacht interior decor.


The Benefits of Bio-Preserved Flowers

STILLA offers a stunning selection of real flowers that have been carefully treated and preserved to last up to a year. This revolutionary process provides yachts with an aesthetic solution that is incredibly low maintenance, eliminating the need for weekly deliveries and waste associated with fresh flowers. In addition, our unique arrangements require no water or sunlight, reducing carbon dioxide emissions from delivery trucks and floral refrigerators as well as conserving energy typically used for lighting and refrigeration needs.


Expanding Beyond Yachting

STILLA does not stop at yachting—our luxurious bouquets can be found in many settings such as high-end hotels, restaurants, corporate lobbies, event spaces, and more! We even specialize in custom orders so you can find the perfect arrangement to match your interior design style. From traditional arrangements to sleek modern designs, we have something to suit every aesthetic preference while providing an environmentally conscious alternative to fresh flowers.


The Future of Floral Design

At STILLA we believe that floral design should be beautiful without sacrificing sustainability or convenience. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality bio-preserved flowers that will last for years without necessitating weekly delivery services or added energy costs associated with fresh flower care. With us, you get all of the beauty of real flowers without any of the hassle—now that’s luxury!

With STILLA, there's no compromise when it comes to aesthetics – bio-preserved arrangements are as stunning as they are sustainable.


If you’re looking for a sustainable yet luxurious option for your yacht decorating needs, look no further than STILLA!


Our eternal flower arrangements require no maintenance and reduce weekly deliveries while still maintaining their natural beauty over time—a perfect addition to any vessel or home! Don’t forget that we also specialize in custom orders so you can find exactly what you need to complete your space.


Come join us on board and take a step into the future of luxury yachting today!