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New Years Colours: A Réveillon Tradition

New Years Colours: A Réveillon Tradition

Did you know that the colour you wear on your new years eve, also known as the Réveillon, could be a symbol of whats to come? Every country and every culture has their own traditions, built throughout years and years. One of these réveillon traditions, most common in Brazil, is to wear colours based on what you want to bring towards your year to come. Join us as we delve into what colour will bring you the best 2024.

The Origin of Tradition

The tradition of wearing specific colours on New Year's Eve in Brazil, particularly white, has its roots in the African religion of Candomblé. Brought to Brazil by African slaves, Candomblé is a syncretic religion that blends African traditions with elements of Christianity. The wearing of white is deeply connected to the rituals and ceremonies of Candomblé, where white represents purity, peace, and spiritual cleansing.

As Candomblé blended with the dominant Catholic practices in Brazil, this tradition evolved. The white attire initially specific to Candomblé rituals found its way into broader Brazilian culture, especially during réveillon celebrations, which coincide with the feast of Yemanjá, the goddess of the sea in Yoruba religion, who was syncretized with Our Lady of Navigators in Catholicism.

Colour Symbolism


Over time, the tradition expanded to include other colours, each with its own unique symbolism. This diversification reflects Brazil's multicultural society and the influence of various beliefs and practices. The choice of colour has become a personal reflection of one’s hopes and wishes for the New Year.

The Tradition of White

The most iconic colour for New Year's is white. If you walk through the beaches in the 31st of december, you will see a sea of white clothes. This symbolizes peace and purity, white is worn to bring a peaceful and harmonious year. It’s a spirit of hope and a fresh start,

Yellow: The Color of Prosperity and Joy

Yellow and gold are colours of abundance and prosperity. Wearing these hues is believed to attract wealth and success, making them a popular choice for those seeking a prosperous year. This bright, cheerful colour is often worn during Réveillon celebrations as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The tradition stems from the belief that yellow, mirroring the colour of gold, can attract financial success and material wealth. Beyond its economic connotations, yellow also represents joy, happiness, and the energy of the sun, playing a crucial role in setting a positive tone for the new year.

Green: A Symbol of Hope and Health

Green, the lush colour of nature, holds a special place in the heart of New Year traditions. It symbolizes growth, renewal, and balance. Wearing green is believed to bring good health and inspire a renewed sense of hope. This colour reflects Brazil's deep connection with its rich and diverse natural landscapes, embodying the essence of life and the endless possibilities that each new year brings.

Blue: The Essence of Serenity

Blue, as deep and tranquil as the ocean, is chosen by many Brazilians to usher in a year of peace and serenity. This color is associated with calmness, stability, and harmony. Wearing blue during Réveillon festivities is believed to bring a soothing energy, helping to maintain a tranquil mind and a harmonious life. It’s a color that encourages reflection and inner stability.

Red: The Colour of Love and Passion

Red, the color of the heart, is deeply associated with love and passion. In Réveillon celebrations, wearing red is more than a fashion statement; it's a symbol of one's desire for romance and emotional intensity in the coming year.

Choose Your Colour

The tradition of wearing specific colors on New Year's Eve is a beautiful embodiment of vibrant culture and its optimistic outlook on life. At STILLA Flowers, we find inspiration in these traditions, as they resonate with our outlook on beauty, renewal, and sustainability. As you choose your colors this New Year, remember the powerful symbolism they hold.

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