STILLA Announces New Summer Collection: The STILLA Garden Party

STILLA Announces New Summer Collection: The STILLA Garden Party

At STILLA, we create experiences, craft eternal memories, and promote long-lasting beauty. Our latest collection, the STILLA Garden Party, is an exquisite celebration of summer, creativity, and passion. This new line of preserved flower arrangements beautifully blends the charm of the Southern States of the USA with the timeless elegance of the Mediterranean, breaking the traditional summer aesthetic rules and redefining them in the STILLA way.

Save the date: STILLA Garden Party comes out on July 10th, 2024!

The STILLA Garden Party

The STILLA Garden Party collection is a vibrant and harmonious fusion of two styles. Inspired by the refined, romantic essence of Southern charm and the luxurious, relaxed ambiance of the Mediterranean, this collection brings together the best of both worlds. Our Garden Party embodies the spirit of summer, with each arrangement designed to capture the heart of your guests and adorn special summer moments that last long after the season has passed.

A Celebration of Creativity and Passion

At the heart of the STILLA Garden Party is our DNA: a passion for eternity, art, and sustainability. Our flowers are not just beautiful decorations; they are expressions of love, intimacy, and innovation.

Our preserved flower arrangements are crafted with meticulous care, ensuring that each one is a masterpiece that will last for a year without maintenance. This longevity allows our customers to enjoy the beauty and luxury of real flowers throughout the summer and beyond.

Breaking the Rules of Traditional Floristry

At STILLA, we break free from the ordinary, offering a bold and refreshing take on flower arrangements. Innovation and art are essential parts of our identity.

That is no different for the Garden Party Collection. By combining the emblematic qualities of Southern design with our youthful, fun, and modern approach, we create floral arrangements that are as unique as they are stunning. Our collection features a colorful mix of brights and pastels, embodying the essence of a sophisticated yet playful summer.

The Perfect Companion for Timeless Moments

For us, summer is the time to create eternal memories. Whether you are gathering with friends and loved ones on the beach, onboard a yacht, or in a sunlit garden, the STILLA Garden Party collection adds a touch of luxury and elegance to every moment.

Our arrangements are designed to become a part of your story, enhancing the beauty of your summer celebrations and creating lasting impressions.

A Versatile Collection for Every Occasion

The STILLA Garden Party collection is designed with versatility in mind, offering arrangements in all sizes and shapes to suit any setting. From grand centerpieces that command attention to delicate vases that add a subtle touch of elegance, our collection has something for every occasion.

Each piece is carefully crafted to maintain its beauty for a year, ensuring multiple uses and great sustainability for your flowers.

The STILLA Garden Party is live on July 10th!

We are thrilled to announce that the STILLA Garden Party collection will be available on our website starting July 10th. This new addition to our eternal garden is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in floristry.

We invite you to explore the collection and discover the perfect arrangement to elevate your summer experiences.

The STILLA DNA: Passion, Art, and Eternity

At STILLA, we believe that floristry is an art form, a way to express emotions and create connections. Our passion for flowers goes beyond their beauty; it is about the stories they tell and the memories they evoke.

The STILLA Garden Party collection is a true reflection of our values, combining passion, art, and eternity in every arrangement.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of preserved flowers, which retain their beauty for an entire year without the need for water or maintenance. This not only ensures that our arrangements are long-lasting but also aligns with our eco-friendly practices. By choosing preserved flowers, we are reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable approach to floristry.

Join the Celebration

As we prepare for the launch of the STILLA Garden Party collection, we invite you to join the celebration. Follow us on social media to stay tuned with real-time updates, behind-the-scenes, exclusive previews, and a lot more.

Let the STILLA Garden Party begin!