STILLA Launches New Social Responsibility Project in Partnership with Care Institutions - STILLA Purpose

STILLA Launches New Social Responsibility Project in Partnership with Care Institutions - STILLA Purpose

STILLA has already started a revolution in the yachting industry by bringing sustainability and longevity for florals at sea. Our eternal flowers adorn luxury vessels with elegance and sophistication, lasting a full year onboard.

But after our flowers serve their purpose in yachting where do they go?

For pre-loved flowers, there is STILLA Purpose!

Embracing the Circular Economy with STILLA Purpose

With an extensive background in the yachting industry, we know the guests want to see new designs every season. After one year, it is time to give your vessel's interior a fresh new look.

STILLA Purpose gives your old flowers a second life.

Following our #AlwaysBlooming passion and working towards our mission of reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the industry, we are now partnering with care institutions to make an impact with our flowers.

All arrangements we receive back from our clients after the season are now refreshed and donated to retirement homes, hospitals, orphanages, and other institutions to give the flowers a new purpose.

Instead of throwing out your old displays, if you want to embrace this initiative, contact us to arrange your donation.



This summer at STILLA Purpose

Our latest project was delivered this week for La Roseraie, a retirement home located in Antibes, France.

We selected five beautiful arrangements from M/Y NAUTILUS and M/Y ADVA that had spent time onboard and were returned to our office to be repurposed. By donating our flowers to adorn La Roseraie’s space with long-lasting beauty, we hope to infuse their environment with the same elegance and serenity that our flowers are known for.

The response from La Roseraie was overwhelmingly positive. It was certainly a beautiful moment of joy when our team delivered the arrangements, bringing smiles to residents and staff.

This heartwarming experience reinforces our belief in the power of giving back and the significant social impact it can have.

We are immensely grateful to the team at La Roseraie for welcoming our donation with open arms. Their enthusiasm and appreciation have been incredibly rewarding, reinforcing our belief in the power of giving back.

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our clients in the yachting industry, whose support makes initiatives like STILLA Purpose possible.

Our vision for the future: STILLA’s Purpose

At STILLA Flowers, our vision for sustainability goes beyond addressing crucial environmental issues. While we are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing waste in both the floral and yachting industries, our commitment extends to making a deep social impact.

Social Responsibility

STILLA Purpose embodies our passion for sustainability by giving a second life to flowers, transforming them into eternal arrangements that continue to spread joy. We believe in the power of floral beauty to uplift and inspire, and through our donations, we aim to bring lasting happiness to those in need.

By repurposing flowers from the yachting industry, we create elegant, enduring arrangements that brighten lives and foster a sense of connection within our community.

This holistic approach to Environmental, Social, and Government (ESG) principles is at the core of STILLA’s vision.

As we continue to develop STILLA Purpose, we are excited to explore new ways to repurpose our flowers and bring lasting beauty to more places and people.

Environment and Circular Economy

Giving back to the community drives us forward, inspiring us to find innovative solutions that combine luxury with sustainability.

We are reducing waste and carbon dioxide emissions associated with the single use of flowers. Our team is proud to generate a 72% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in the industry, thanks to the reduced number of deliveries, less waste, and STILLA’s sustainable practices.

At STILLA, sustainability is about more than preserving the environment; it's about cultivating a legacy of joy, beauty, and social responsibility that touches hearts and enhances lives.

Join Us in Making a Difference

If you have our flowers onboard your motor yacht and want to embrace the STILLA Purpose passion, contact us to arrange a flower pick-up for donation.


By participating, you can help us extend the life of arrangements that have already served their purpose in yachting, spreading joy and elegance to even more people.


STILLA Flowers is the peak of luxury in floral design, combining sustainable practices with timeless elegance. Our exquisite arrangements are crafted to not only enhance any setting but to resonate with the sophisticated tastes of our discerning clientele. Embrace the STILLA experience, where beauty and sustainability flourish together.