STILLA Blooming in the Press

STILLA Blooming in the Press

STILLA blooming in the Press

We are delighted to announce that STILLA has recently been featured in two amazing articles, written by the creative minds of Dockwalk Magazine and Northrop & Johnson. We are proud to deliver the highest quality on sustainable luxury florals, and it is an honor to be acknowledge by yachting industry leaders.

Northrop & Johnson

Loreta and Karolina, founders of STILLA

In the bustling world of superyachts, where opulence meets the vast expanse of the ocean, every detail matters. From meticulously designed interiors to Michelin star-quality culinary creations...

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Dockwalk Magazine

Superyacht stews might make onboard floristry seem like a piece of cake, but the reality is that the traditional approach to maintaining fresh flowers comes with its challenges. Not only is the process of sourcing flowers...

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