STILLA is now blooming from our new studio space located at 10 Avenue de la Liberation, Antibes.

Charting Paths to a Greener Future

IYC shares the same commitment as STILLA to uphold its responsibility as an environmentally conscious company and actively promote best practices across yachts in its fleet and raise awareness throughout its network. By offering bio-preserved flowers, IYC and STILLA are, together, actively driving positive change and taking steps toward creating a sustainable future in the yachting industry.

Who are We

Established as the leading provider for premium bio-preserved flower arrangements in the yachting industry, STILLA offers a large variety of products, including eternal dahlias, orchids, chrysanthemum, lilies, anthurium, foliage, as well as a bio-preserved plant line, called BOTANICALS 365 that features exquisite trees, plants and palm trees that last for years on end.

IYC is an international yachting company, and one of the largest worldwide, with over 130 passionate professionals based in 15 strategically located offices around the globe, committed to employing the best professionals in the industry and investing in the development of proprietary software solutions, to deliver their clients unrivaled service of the highest industry standard. 

A Special Offer

To cherish this partnership, all yachts in the IYC fleet benefit from a 10% discount on all orders with STILLA.

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