Preserved Flowers for Yachts: A Guide to Maintenance

Preserved Flowers for Yachts: A Guide to Maintenance

Preserved Flowers for Yachts: A Guide to Maintenance

What are Eternal flowers ?

Discover the beauty and longevity of eternal flowers for yachts. Thanks to the latest technology in floral bio-preservation, real flowers are able to last a year without any maintenance. Say goodbye to the hassle of weekly fresh flower deliveries and embrace the cost-effective and sustainable option of preserved blooms.

At STILLA, we harness cutting-edge technology to craft custom-made eternal bouquets that add a touch of elegance to any luxury setting. Now, you can effortlessly elevate your yacht's ambiance with sophisticated floral arrangements, free from the inconveniences of fresh-cut flowers.

No Maintenance.

Bio-preserved flowers offer the properties of real flowers while staying maintenance free and cost effective.

Keeping your eternal flowers in peak condition is easy and there are only a few simple guidelines that are necessary to follow in order to keep your arrangements fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

Easy Eternal Flower Care.

To ensure your eternal flowers remain fresh and vibrant throughout their lifespan, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Shield from Direct Sunlight: To prevent discoloration and fading, keep your preserved flowers away from direct sunlight. Find a shaded spot onboard to display them and enjoy their lasting beauty.

  2. Protect from Unpredictable Weather: To maintain the longevity of your eternal bouquets, avoid exposing them to unpredictable weather conditions, such as rain, wind, or extreme temperature changes.

  3. Avoid High Humidity and Water: Preserved flowers are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to high humidity or water. Ensure they are kept in a dry environment, away from areas prone to moisture accumulation.

  4. Prevent Color Transfers: If you have bright-colored eternal flowers, be cautious when placing them near light textiles. Color transfers may occur, potentially staining your fabrics. Keep them in a separate area or use protective barriers to preserve the integrity of both your flowers and textiles.

  5. Dusting and Cleaning: To maintain the vibrant appearance of your eternal flowers, lightly dust them or use cold air to remove any unwanted particles. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions, as they may damage the preservation process


Experience the effortless beauty of preserved flowers for yachts with STILLA. Our bio-preserved eternal flowers offer a year-long lifespan, requiring no maintenance while exuding the elegance and freshness of real flowers. By following the simple care guidelines outlined above, you can keep your arrangements looking vibrant and captivating throughout your yachting adventures.

Elevate your onboard aesthetics with the sophistication and sustainability of bespoke, preserved flower arrangements.