STILLA: How to get your favourite flowers, even out of season

STILLA: How to get your favourite flowers, even out of season

Preserved flowers for every season

Bringing nature's beauty inside all year round

At STILLA, we believe that bringing natural beauty indoors is a year-round activity. That's why we offer the finest arrangements of bio-preserved, everlasting flowers using the latest techniques in the floral industry.

STILLA offer the finest arrangements of eternal flowers using the latest techniques in bio-preservation, meaning these flowers last a year while requiring no maintenance to keep them alive.

We understand that sourcing fresh flowers all year round can sometimes be a challenge due to seasonal restrictions. That's why STILLA offers an unmatched availability of all our flower arrangements year-round, so you can enjoy your favorite flowers without worrying about whether they are in-season or not.

This equates to a much more cost effective and sustainable solution when compared to weekly deliveries of fresh cut flowers. By choosing STILLA, you not only get to enjoy the natural beauty of flowers but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Here to help, year round

We understand the impossibility to source your favorite flowers all year round.

But STILLA has a solution for this, thanks to the preservation process our real flowers go through, we are able to provide any bespoke arrangements or bouquets from our standard collection, no matter the season. Whether it is summer, fall, spring or even winter - STILLA delivers.

These bouquets of choice offer all the benefits of our Eternal flowers, and on top of that, they give you the liberty to enjoy your favorite blooms throughout the year.

How it works

STILLA offers the option to either rent or buy our long-lasting flower arrangements.

If you are looking to buy, you can either:

  • Choose any arrangement from our exquisite online collection, or
  • Get in contact with our renowned florists to start the process of creating a bespoke piece, made to suit your own taste.

In addition, we provide year-round eternal flower rental services with 3 subscription plans based on the number of flower arrangements you need. Simply select the floral piece that best suits your needs and we will do the rest.

Every 3 months we will deliver your chosen bouquet of the season and collect the previous one, ensuring you have a new fresh decor for every time of the year, all while being sustainable and reducing carbon dioxide emissions associated with fresh flowers weekly deliveries.


Experience the convenience and eco-consciousness of our sustainable, real flowers that last a year.

Our year-round availability and unwavering supply ensure you'll never need to be without the beauty of fresh flowers that last.  Plus, our team will make your selection process effortless and efficient.

Choose from our cost-effective, custom-made arrangements that require minimal maintenance and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

So why wait? Partner with STILLA today and join the future of effortless floral arrangements! Email us on to place your order.