STILLA Flower Rentals: Switching up your Floral Background

STILLA Flower Rentals: Switching up your Floral Background

STILLA Flower Rentals: Switching up your Floral Background

Are you familiar with preserved flowers? If not, let us introduce you to the latest innovation in bio-preservation technology.

STILLA offers real flowers that are preserved using cutting-edge techniques. These flowers are not only cost-effective and sustainable but also customizable and maintenance-free. All while keeping those fresh and vibrant properties for a year.

Real Flowers that are preserved with the latest technology in bio-preservation.

This means they are cost effective, sustainable, custom and maintenance FREE all while keeping those fresh and vibrant properties for a year.

But why?

Every week, luxury offices, chalets and villas spend a significant amount of money on fresh cut flowers. With the constant ordering of one arrangement per week, by the end of the year, they end up producing 56 KG of CO2 emissions.

However, with STILLA, each arrangement lasts one year.

This means reducing the carbon emissions related to fresh floristry, as well as a massive cut in costs when compared to weekly purchases.

Now our eternal flowers solve the problem of cost, maintenance, sustainability all while keeping the sophisticated and luxury look we all need. Those benefits are great, but a lot of us feel the need to switch up our spaces over the course of a year…

Introducing Eternal Flower Rentals

We understand the need to switch up your floral decor throughout the year. Many of us desire a change without the guilt of contributing to excessive CO2 emissions or incurring high expenses.

But how can we solve that if your flowers are going to last long?

This is where STILLA's Eternal Flower Rentals come into play. The ability to change your floral decor every so once in a while to update your space’s premium look and feel, all while reaping the benefits of our Eternal flowers.

How It works.

stilla flower rental plan

With STILLA's rental subscriptions, you can choose a monthly plan that suits your specific requirements.

Here, you gain access to our bespoke collection of Eternal Flower Bouquets and Arrangements, allowing you to select the perfect floral decor for your space.

Every 90 days, we deliver your new arrangements of choice directly to your location while removing the previous one.

Efficient, Cost effective, Sustainable and Maintenance Free.


STILLA offers a revolutionary solution for land-based companies seeking to enhance their floral backgrounds. By embracing preserved flowers, you can reduce costs, minimize emissions, and enjoy the beauty of fresh and vibrant flowers for an entire year.

With the added option of Eternal Flower Rentals, you can effortlessly update your space’s premium look while benefiting from STILLA's sustainable and low-maintenance approach.

Choose STILLA today for an efficient, cost-effective, sustainable, and maintenance-free floral experience.